Primary School

Our Primary School is a mixed day and boarding school. We use the new national Competence Based Curriculum, 2-6-6-3. Grade one begins at 6 years of age. Between grade 1 and 3, children go home to their parents. Elective boarding for children begins at grade 4 for children at age 9 and above.

We started Gladphil Primary and Kindergarten as an extension of the dream and vision we have had for the child. That each child, should grow up to be a force for good. That each child learns, each day that they have value, that they are wanted, that they are safe, that they have the power to create opportunities to be of service in the world. That one’s value is not dependent of what family situation one come from, or one’s past, but rather what a person declares him or herself to be is and what one works towards. We believe that when we begin the process of empowerment from the youngest child to the teenager. We see the child grow up confident in their abilities.

We feel that 6 years is old enough to begin to teach leadership and learning to identify ones talent. Each day is filled with active learning, plenty of play, music, sciences and  practical exercises in discovering one’s talent.