The School Was Founded

Founded in 2004 December by, Rev. Dr Godfrey Ngumi and Ms. Joan Ngumi, Gladphil school has been and is a labour of love.

Rev Dr Ngumi, a lecturer of Theology and a Presbyterian minister of 27 years by then, had noted with concern that while the drive in Africa to empower and educate the girl child was successful, the boy child was being left behind. Then and still today there are more secondary schools for girls than for boys; a ratio of 4 girls’ schools to one boys’ school in many counties in Kenya.

He realized that this imbalance was already being felt in the world of work and in relationships, affecting marriages and family dynamics. While girls were being taught, and rightly so, that they had more options open to them, that they could be anything they wanted to be in life, boys were not. It was assumed that they would find their way, that they knew how to navigate through the myriad of options available to them by virtue of being male. But this was not so as both genders need to be equally empowered for society to thrive.

The Journey Begins

Sourcing funds from their savings and a bank loan, Godfrey and Joan built the first buildings. They consisted of a 60-student capacity dorm, dining hall, kitchens, staffroom, Headteacher’s office and two classrooms. Gladphil school opened its doors to its first 10 Form 1 students in January of 2004, two of whom were sponsored by the founders.

The Premise of the School

In his pastoral care and among his undergraduate students, Dr Ngumi had noticed that teens and young men felt lost, unprepared and unable to navigate the shifting economic and relationship atmosphere like their female counterparts.

Mrs. Joan Ngumi in her Marriage & Family therapy practise and as a trainer of counsellors had noted that the men and couples who came to her for therapy, were struggling in their relationships with the feeling of being inadequate as providers and equal partners. They both realized that this situation, this imbalance, where girls were more empowered and boys left behind would only get worse. And so, the idea to build a school where the focus was on empowering the boy child to be an equal partner to the empowered girl was born.

Our First K.C.S.E.

Our boys sat their KCSE in 2007 and our top student scored a B+ in this first KCSE exam. Out of the first 10 boys and others who had joined along the way, we took to university 4 boys.

More Academic Excellence…

In 2008 we had a student who scored an A- he went on to became a civil engineer. Others joined university doing a series of courses such as International Relations and Economics.


Becoming a Top Scorer

In 2010 was the first time we had the Top scorer in Kajiado district. We produced 2 As. Sponsored by The Equity Bank Foundation he joined the university on a full scholarship.

Losing our Founder

In 2014 May, we lost our Founding Director Rev. Dr Godfrey Ngumi to a long illness bravely borne.

The school went into mourning but thank God we still continued.Because he used to say that the school would outlive him because his vision was that it continues serving manking inthe years to come. That year was the 2nd time we had the top student in Kajiado County come from our school.

We have had many students who have excelled not only in academics but also in other extra curricula activities.

The Present…

In 2018 we built a swimming pool. We bought our first bus. We are currently planning on creating a Talent Development Center.