High School

Established in 2004, Gladphil started as a mixed school to cater to the needs and empowerment of boys and girls. We pride ourselves in being an academic giant in the county of Kajiado for the last 14 years posting excellent KCSE results since 2007. We use the national 8-4-4 curriculum. Each class has a maximum of 30 students. This small class size ensures that each teacher has plenty of interaction and time with each student.

Our teachers are available to the students 24/7 as they live within the school compound. Each student is placed in the Academic Clinic at the beginning of each year, a mandatory activity. This gives students regular, daily contact with their teachers outside of class time to work on the subject areas where they are struggling. This allows each student to see progressive improvement in their grades at the end of each term. Being able to see this improvement in their grades and beginning to understand subject matter better instills the confidence in themselves, that was missing for the boys and girls.

Even as our students are occupied in rigorous study, involvement in sports is another major requirement at Gladphil. Boys and girls have a lot of energy to burn. What better way to occupy their interest, tap into their need for competition and utilize this energy. Swimming, basketball, football, volleyball and rugby are some of the sports our boys and girls are involved in at Gladphil.

To tie it all together and ensure all rounded development, have our Mentorship and Pastoral care programs. We involve all students to ensure that our school environment is warm and free of strife. That the emotional and spiritual needs of our students are taken care of.