A Few Words About Our School

Gladphil Group of Schools is located in the county of Kajiado, Kitengela town on the Kajiado-Namanga road. We pride ourselves in being an academic giant in the county of Kajiado. We cater to not only the educational aspect of our students, but also their discipline & spiritual growth through our Pastoral and Mentorship programs. We aim to develop each individual student to being the best they can be through rigorous study, a variety of competitive sports and multi-curricular activities to build and develop one’s talent and interests.

What Makes us Different

Gladphil School is a school that caters to the emotional and spiritual health and development of its students first and foremost, even before academics.  We are a school that is fondly referred to as “The school run by Counselors” which is actually pretty accurate. Our school is run and managed by Joan Ngumi a former banker turned Marriage and Therapy counselor and lecturer; Sheila Ngumi a Counseling Psychologist with specialization in chemical and behavioral addiction with 13 years experience; and with Dr. Steve Moyo an educationist with over 35 years experience in education, having taught it and run schools. We are assisted by Doris Munuhe who has 7 years teaching experience, intuitive with an uncanny ability in ferreting out what a teenager is struggling with and helping him find his way. And finally John Gatuma, the youngest member of our administrative group. He is a teacher of History and works as the Deputy head teacher in charge of academics.

We value the role that our Pastoral and Mentorship programs play in the development of our students. We take care to ensure that each and every student in our school is visible, known, and understood. We are able to observe and identify when a student is struggling, be it academically or emotionally and ensure that he or she gets the help that is needed well before the struggle has become insurmountable. We have a 14 year history of turning around teenagers who have come to us struggling with persistent low grades, learning disorders, drug addiction, identity crisis, mental health challenges, child-parent relationship conflict. We do not believe that there is a child or teenager that is unacceptable or too far gone. We believe that help is always available. That is what makes us unique.



Preparing Gladphil students become lifelong learners by, providing a quality learning environment that is responsive to learner’ needs and providing care physically, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally.


To nurture every Gladphil student to achieve personal success in their education and become productive and responsible citizens.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that each child is born to effect change in the world in their own unique way. Our aim is to see each child, each teenager grow up confident in their abilities, whatever they are, be they in Academics, in the Arts, Sciences, or in Sports.

We will help identify what these abilities are, and help hone them, help them blossom by exposing this student, be they in the primary or high school to as many opportunities to learn what is possible to do with these abilities.

Each child, and teen is actively encouraged to focus on, and perform the best they can in their studies.  Each teen is placed, after evaluation, in our Academic Clinic, and assigned a teacher who will monitor their development in the academic clinic, adjusting this academic improvement plan as needed with the help of the Academic Clinic team.

Our students are equally encouraged to discover what talents they carry within themselves and learn how these talents can be positively expressed in their lives. This is taken care of in our co-curricular, Psychometric Testing and especially in our Mentorship programs.

We have created a warm, friendly, nurturing environment where our doors are open, where all our teachers and administrators are available 24/7 to our students. Where each child and teen is enveloped, accepted, loved and cared for.