A Summary About Gladphil

Gladphil Group of Schools is located in the county of Kajiado. We pride ourselves in being an academic giant in the county of Kajiado. We cater to not only the educational aspect of our students, but also their discipline & spiritual growth through our Pastoral and Mentorship programs. We aim to develop each individual student to being the best they can be through rigorous study, a variety of competitive sports and multi-curricular activities to build and develop one’s talent and interests.

About Us

Our Stand



To prepare Gladphil students become lifelong learners by, providing a quality learning environment that is responsive to learner’ needs and providing care physically, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally.


To nurture every Gladphil student to achieve personal success in their education and become productive and responsible citizens.




Our Kindergarten is a mixed day school. We use the new national curriculum of 2-3-6-6-6. Our population in each class, is 15 students to a teacher, ensuring that each child receives plenty of interaction with the teacher.


Established in January 2018, our Primary School is a mixed day and boarding school. We use the new national curriculum of 2-3-6-6-6. Boarding for children begins at grade 4 for children ages 9 and above.


In line with the New Kenyan Competency-based Curriculum (CBC), we also have a mixed junior secondary section.


Our secondary is a mixed boarding school that caters to the needs and empowerment of our students. We pride ourselves in being an academic giant in the county of Kajiado consistently posting excellent academic results.

Student Life at Gladphil

At Gladphil We offer a full range of Solutions to meet the needs of our students.

Each child and teenager is unique, that is, their personality, character and in their God given range of developing talents and gifts. At Gladphil, we take our time to carefully observe each student to understand them their strengths, and their weaknesses before we as a team then create an individual plan for the student. This team is comprised of the student, his or her parent(s), the class teacher or form master, administrator in charge of student life, as well as the administrator  in charge of  the Mentorship and Chaplaincy program. We are then able to guide the student in the process of them blooming into the life path and career path that they are meant to follow.

Our fees for Tuition & Boarding is 49,000/= per Term for Form 1